When Lobbying Goes Down and “Public Servants” Complain

2020 was a strange year in many ways, yet 2021 has begun with something truly bizarre: lobbyists have voluntarily reduced their lobbying. Without new regulations, without a whistleblower, without a pressurized publicity campaign, lobbying of the US federal government by corporations in the form of Political Action Committees (PACs) and other political donations has been lowered, or even stopped, by over 60 companies. It’s an impressive list with the likes of Amazon, AT&T, Citigroup, Coca-Cola, Disney, Facebook, GE, GM, Hilton, Intel, Major League Baseball, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Nike, UPS, Walmart, and 3M, among many others. What can we learn from this that will help us move in the direction of partnership -- mutual benefit for us as both citizens and customers, mutual benefit for our government and companies?

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