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available May 2021

"Better Capitalism is an extraordinary creative achievement, without parallel in the literature of economic and business ethics, Christian or otherwise. Paul Knowlton, JD, MDiv, and Aaron Hedges, MBA, MDiv, here engage pretty much the entire landscape of modern economic life with a realistic but values-rich challenge to move beyond what they call plantation economics and instead move to what they call partnership economics. One of the things I like most about Better Capitalism is the way it shoots the gap between our current cultural extremes: it is by no means a defense of laissez-faire capitalism but neither is it a socialist manifesto. The book is chock full of fresh and deep research, and this data then informs the book’s realistic, concrete reform proposals that corporate executives, government officials, and everyday people can implement."

Rev. Dr. David Gushee, Past President of American Academy of Religion, Past President of Society of Christian Ethics

“In these turbulent and unpredictable times, Better Capitalism is an eloquent and articulate reminder of the importance of understanding economics in the context of our communities, country, and roles as business leaders.  In explaining the profound connection between economics and theology, the authors have provided a strong case for the critical need for partnership between business leaders and communities to create a stronger and more robust economy that provides benefit to all.”

Tony Reid, Senior Vice President, Marriott International (retired)


You care, and you are open-minded

You care about something that matters to many people’s lives: perhaps commerce, or work, or money, or morality, or religion, or spirituality. And while you care deeply about at least one of these things, you are open-minded about the others and how they matter to our culture. 

Whether your greater interest is business or faith, or you have great interest in both, as someone with a stake in our society, you care enough to to think about how they can be better together—for you, for your organization, for our culture.


Partnership Economics adds value for you across the full landscape of capitalism and the bridged worlds of business and faith.

At some point in your business life you have looked up from the task or person in front of you, paused before your head explodes, and thought to yourself, “There’s got to be a better way!”


Partnership Economics offers you that better way: a more profitable and ethical viewing, thinking, and living of capitalism. Pursue self-interest and other-interest; benefit others and yourself.

Whether you 

  • are in school or have experienced multiple careers

  • make decisions that affect others or are affected by others’ decisions as their employee or customer

  • are part of a multinational corporation, small business, ministry, or government


"We are they," and you gain when we all gain.


Paul Knowlton, JD, MDiv and Aaron Hedges, MBA, MDiv have training and experience with one foot squarely in the world of business and the other squarely in the world of faith. We find that these two communities can be bridged for the immense benefit of both. This bridging has greatly benefited us and those we have led in our interdisciplinary roles of entrepreneur, business owner, minister, Director, Partner, COO, and CEO, as well as our biggest roles of husband and dad.

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